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The Bad Effect of Alcohol for Students
Now days, many college students are familiar with alcoholic, not only as a chemical compounds but also as a drink. Students who like go to party and pub they will easy to find that thing, but in this present day they can find it easier on their society. This condition have brought some bad effect for students itselfs. There are three reason for banning alcoholic bevarages from college campuses, it can cause academic failure, drinking and driving can be deadly, and health problem.
The fisrt reason is that drinking can cause academic failure. If the students drink before class or have a hangover from drink too much the night before, they will be unable to concentrate on their school work. They may miss classes, fail exams, and miss term paper deadlines. This behavior could force them to drop out of school. For example, last semester my friend Goerge, who liked drink every night, droped out of school. He failed writing for general communication and listening for academic purposes twice, and barely passed his other classes.  As a result, his parents refused to pay for his education any longger. Recently, Cypress College did a study of student dropouts. Out of ninety cases reported, 65 percent dropped out because they had failing due to excessive drink. Therefore, it is true that drinking can interfere with college success.
The second reason for banning alcoholic bevarages from college campuses is that drinking and driving can be deadly. Base on Liam 2008,“Psycally the students who has been drunk alcohol too much will get tired, hangover,rambling or unintelligible conversation, slurring words, incoherent or muddled speech, loss of train of thought, not understanding normal conversation, difficulty in paying attention, unsteady on feet, swaying uncontrollably, staggering, difficulting walking straight, cannot stand or falling down’’. This situation will make the students can not concentrate very well and it will cause a bad effect if they drink while they are driving a car. The bad  effect if thr students driving after they have drink too much they will get very serious accident, like car crash, and it can cause death for the students itself and also the people or someone arround the street. The police data show that 40 percent traffic acident caused by the sdudents who drive after have drink. Arround 15 percent of them are dead in that time, and 10 percent kill the pedestrian every year. So, that’s why the alcoholic must be ban from college campuses, it give bad impact.
The last reason why alcoholic must be ban from college campuses is that the students who always drink will get health problem. The health problem that the students will get because of drink are, liver disease,high blood pressure,high blood fats (triglycerides),heart failure, anemia, cancer, and cardiovascular disease."Alcohol does all kinds of things in the body, and we're not fully aware of all its effects," says James C. Garbutt, MD, professor of psychiatry at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine and a researcher at the university's Bowles Center for Alcohol Studies. "It's a pretty complicated little molecule."Base on the Health Department of  Indonesia 25 percent of students who has this habbit get anemia, liver disease,high blood pressure,and high blood fats (triglycerides). Beside that, arround 18 percent got heart failure, cancer, and cardiovascular disease. These health problem are really big problem and support to stop alcoholic beverages from college campuses.
In brief those three reasons are the most serious effects that influence the students who like drink. As a young generation the student should be a role model to prepare their future and stop drink alcohol which give and bring them to the bad live. So, the campuses should ban the alcoholic from their society to support the students to have a better live including good academic, save driving, decreasing the traffic accident and the problem of  health.

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